Rosie Gould

Rosie Gould

Making an appointment

Phone or email me to arrange an initial assessment session.

This will give you a chance to see if you feel comfortable with me, and I will be able to get an overview of the what you want to bring to therapy. If I feel the issues you are bringing me are outside my areas of expertise I will do my best to advise you where to go next, otherwise we can talk about booking on for future sessions, or if you prefer you can go home and have a think about it before committing to your next session. I work both short-term and long-term with clients – some clients will come for only a handful of sessions or less, others come for many months.


  • My fee per session is £60. Some concessions are available.
  • I work weekdays, evenings and Saturdays, and try to be flexible to accommodate busy working diaries.
  • Sessions are usually weekly to start with, and can then stretch out to weekly or monthly if and when appropriate.